Drawing Meditations

Monthly WS in Chiba

アート + 瞑想 + 英語 = Drawing Meditations
Relax on a Friday night. Find your creativity.

The Friday Drawing Mediations session includes:
* artist techniques workshop 技術の技法WS
* guided drawing meditation in English 英語での瞑想
* snacks, drinks, & conversation おやつ時間と英会話

Date: 3rd Friday of the month
Time: 19:00- 21:00
Location: Satoyama Design Factory in Kamogawa, Chiba
Cost: 2000 yen

RSVP to kristen@mediatinker.com

Set aside two hours for a double dose of creative relaxation and two de-stressing techniques. Enjoy a unique pairing of adult coloring pages or artwork with accompanying guided meditations.

The party features live, guided meditation in English presented by Kristen while you create and color patterns. Pairing art with meditation creates a powerful sense of ease and calm. Your left brain focuses on the technical aspects of drawing while your right brain enjoys flowing into the present moment with the meditation.

Each month start the party with a tutorial on art techniques. Put the fear of “doing it right” behind you as you get your hands dirty and make beautiful messes on the page. Tink shares her tips and how-tos on a range of artistic topics.

After the workshop and a break for snacks and converstaion, we go deep into the meditation, putting into practice the lessons we learned adn focussing our minds on a theme while we color, draw and make our own art.

初心者歓迎します! No art or meditation experience is required to attend and enjoy the Drawing Meditations Party. Materials provided. Space is limited to ten people, a comfortable group for an evening of relaxation.

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