Drawing Meditations

About the Artist


Born: 1 April 1966

That makes me a Fire Horse, the most headstrong and difficult of women. A Chinese astrologer once told me I should not have been born. I’m also an Aires, which makes me a bossy-pants. Yeah, whatever. Just do what I say and everything will be good.

Relationship: Married

For quite a while, so fie on the astrologers who tell me I am unsuitable. My darling is patient and loving. I tried to follow his lead. We’ve been wed since 1989, so there.

Interests: Doing things

Lots of things, often simultaneously, while also checking my phone. I have a hard time settling down and relaxing. Which is why Drawing Meditations came to be. My brain needs encouragement to turn itself inward or off. I find that art allows both side of myself to be content – one with doing and the other reflecting. I am not a unique snowflake, so I assume that other will also find this a useful practice. Try it and see what you think.

Favorite Food: Well…

If I am honest, I’d have to say pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and whiskey. If I’m trying to present myself as fully respectable, I must say I like salad (which I really do, vegetables are the BEST, but… pizza.) Also, if it’s before 9 am, coffee wins over everything.

And Also!

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