Drawing Meditations

Benefits of DM

Drawing Meditations activate two parts of your brain at once.

Art is terrific way to enter a meditative “flow state” where time disappears, your mind wanders, and your creative brain enjoys itself.
But too often the logical mind, your inner critic, wants things to be just so, rigidly done, and constrained. You have a difficult time reaching a flow state with all that expectation of perfection breathing down your neck.

So I dreamed up Drawing Meditations, a combination of guided meditation and art for non-artists and artists alike. Drawing Meditations takes away the need to do it right and gives you space to “be” while also “doing”. As you draw, color, or create, you are guided to reflect on the topic of the meditation. Let your right and left brain find harmony.

This is a form of active meditation. I won’t claim, as some do, that active meditation will cure disease or send you direct to nirvana, but I can say from my personal experience and working with students that it works to settle your thoughts and can help you uncover truths about yourself.
The first step in this journey was when my friend Tracey & I developed a pocket sized coloring book paired with guided audio meditations on a USB stick. We sell on it on Etsy. It’s great for a bite-sized meditation on the go.

I turned that into Drawing Meditations workshops that I teach in Japan and beyond. The workshop starts with an art tutorial to give the left brain some juicy technical things to hook into – fills and shading, patterns, color harmony. The second half of the workshop is a live, guided meditation to color or create art using those techniques. The right brain has a chance to play and relax while the left practices what it learned.

Now I want to produce more meditations in digital formats, teach more live classes, and set up a series of webinars and online meditation sessions. So I created a Patreon campaign to gauge interest and also give perks to supporters. As a Patron you’ll get access to exclusive content, previews of upcoming events, discounts, a voice in the meditation themes, and even some free sessions.

Whether you buy the kit on Etsy, come to a class, attend a webinar, or become a Patron, I am excited to show you what Drawing Meditations can offer.